Jump is a piece I composed back in 2019 for a performance at the California Institute of the Arts. That performance featured some of the most adventurous and skilled musicians I've met in my life, Miller Wren on e.bass, Clint Dodson on drums, and Tom Alvie Wilson on the Roland aerophone. This is a condensed video performance version featuring myself on E. Guitar, E. Bass, and drum programming and Tom aka "magfed stretch" on the Roland Aerophone.

19 to 23 explores sounds outside the equal temperement realm. The guitar is tuned in such a way that I could access the 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd partials of an E2(82.41Hz) fundamental. For more out of tune electric guitar pieces visit my soundcloud.

Cries and Whispers
외침과 속삭임

By Ingmar Bergman
Directed by Genevieve Fowler
Music Composition by Jeonghyeon Joo

This video is a part of the work-in-progress showcase of theater work Cries and Whispers, directed by Genevieve Fowler, live-streamed on February 19th and 20th at CalArts Center for New Performance website.

Composed by Jeonghyeon Joo 주정현
Voice - Heeyoung Kim 김희영, Victoria Zajac, Grace Leneghan, Adzua Ayana Asha Amoa, Likun Jing, Adam Peltier
Guitar - Alkis Nicolaides
Recording Engineer - Jeongmyun Lee 이정면, Elliot Yokum
Filming and Editing - gogamdoc 고감독

Petrichor is an experimental electroacoustic trio of oboist Breana Gilcher, guitarist Alkis Nicolaides, and bassist Miller Wrenn. Their performances explore the intersections of diverse musical logics and traditions, ranging from Baroque repertoire and free jazz to avant-garde chamber and noise musics, through unbridled improvisation and original compositions. Firmly positioned between the traditional collaborative models of chamber ensemble and jazz trio, Petrichor seeks to develop a new creative archetype for a 21st-century ensemble — moving fluidly through a musical world devoid of boundaries.