Alkis Nicolaides

A series of guitar pieces that explore sounds outside the equal temperement realm. To access these sonorities the performer uses natural harmonics and non-traditional guitar tunings.

Kil Evans Samples

Kil Evans is a power thrash jazz quartet of saxophonist Tom Alvie Wilson, bassist Miller Wren, drummer Clint Dodson, and guitarist Alkis Nicolaides.


Petrichor is an experimental electroacoustic trio of oboist Breana Gilcher, guitarist Alkis Nicolaides, and bassist Miller Wrenn. Their performances explore the intersections of diverse musical logics and traditions, ranging from Baroque repertoire and free jazz to avant-garde chamber and noise musics, through unbridled improvisation and original compositions. Firmly positioned between the traditional collaborative models of chamber ensemble and jazz trio, Petrichor seeks to develop a new creative archetype for a 21st-century ensemble — moving fluidly through a musical world devoid of boundaries.

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